Volunteer from Home: Handwrite Hope for Animals

Monday, January 1, 2024 - Thursday, February 15, 2024
All Day

Registration to send postcards is now closed for 2024. Volunteers have sent over 5,000 postcards!

Didn’t get a chance to participate this year? Please keep an eye out for CAA’s annual postcard project in early 2025 by signing up for our newsletter on the right-hand side of this page, and check out other upcoming volunteer opportunities with CAA.

Already signed up to write postcards, and have questions? Please reach out to info@exploreveg.org.

Warm up your winter and make a difference from the comfort of your home! Together, we’ll mail thousands of postcards to Minnesotan homes. In this year’s Handwrite Hope For Animals campaign, postcards encourage people to try vegan food and to support pro-animal legislation. Each postcard includes a coupon to a local vegan restaurant, Trio Plant Based, and the opportunity to sign a petition banning intensive animal confinement in Minnesota. 

How the annual postcard project works:

  • We’ll send you a packet of postcards and stamps. In 2024, each postcard is pre-printed with a message against intensive animal confinement and a coupon to the local vegan restaurant Trio Plant-Based. 
  • Add your personal touch by handwriting a heartfelt thank-you and your signature on each postcard.
  • Address and mail the postcards using the materials provided in your packet. All postcards should be mailed by February 29th. 

Time commitment:

In 2024, each postcard took less than a minute to complete. You can make a significant impact in just a short amount of time! With this project, you can fit volunteering into your schedule; write when and where works best for you. There were also optional postcard-writing parties to connect with other pro-animal people. 

How to get involved: Sign up here to register for the Handwrite Hope for Animals campaign.

Thank you to all those who have lent a hand to make a difference for animals this winter!

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