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Minnesota Veg Living is our annual magazine that encourages people to embrace their empathy for animals and move toward a plant-based diet.

The magazine also highlights our programs, volunteers, and celebrates the work being done around the Twin Cities by businesses that enable people to live more compassionately as well as sanctuaries that provide safer spaces for farmed animals.

Read all issues online or grab a physical copy of the current issue at any of our events or CAA’s Community Space at 2100 1st Avenue S in Minneapolis.

Issue 10, 2024 | Issue 9, 2023 | Issue 8, 2022 | Issue 7, 2021 | Issue 6, 2020 | Issue 5, 2019
Issue 4, 2018 | Issue 3, 2017 | Issue 2, 2016 | Issue 1, 2015

If you want to support the creation and distribution of Minnesota Veg Living and other CAA outreach tools, please make a donation to CAA today. To get involved with a future issue of Minnesota Veg Living, contact us.

Please note that the name of the magazine changed in 2023. Prior to that the magazine was called Twin Cities Veg Living. The change was a response to the expansion of CAA to include chapters in other areas of Minnesota.

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Please note: Views expressed in Minnesota Veg Living/Twin Cities Veg Living by contributing writers, editors, advertisers, sanctuaries, businesses, other entities, individuals, and/or the public are independent, and may not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of Compassionate Action for Animals. 

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