Twin Cities Veg Living Issue 7 is Here!

You’re going to love this year’s issue of Twin Cities Veg Living! It’s packed with great recipes from local chefs, a guide to veg-friendly Black-owned businesses, the lowdown on where to grab a top-notch brunch, nutritional tips, animal sanctuary updates, thoughts on building a humane society from Christine Coughlin, state director for the Humane Society of the United States, and so much more. Check it out!

Read the magazine online or grab a physical copy for yourself and a friend who might be considering going veg at any of our events throughout 2021.

Those who donated $25 or more over the past three years will get a copy mailed to their homes.

If you know of a place that could host some magazines, let us know. We’re happy to get some copies to the desired location or work with you to distribute them.

Time for thanks

We want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who made this year’s issue of Twin Cities Veg Living possible. CAA Communications Coordinator, Sandy Hitchin, edited and coordinated the project with our Design Director, Emily Nyberg, who also designed the magazine. Big thanks to Laura Carroll for contributing her beautiful food photography to this issue.

This magazine is no small feat. We are thankful for the following individuals and businesses, who contributed articles, additional photos, editing, food styling, and proofreading for this year’s issue: Julie Knopp, Yosan Worota, Maya Ulrich, Mistress Ginger, Christine Coughlin of HSUS – Minnesota, Suzy Sorensen RD, LD, CDCES, Mykela Jackson of Keiko’s Kitchen, Robin Asbell, Laura Matanah, Hayden King, Amy Jeanchaiyaphum, Chris Homsey, Theresa Zingery, Minneapolis Marinara, Miss Garrett’s Vegan Soul, Trio Plant-Based, @britamaia, Life Juices, Mariam Omari of K’s Revolutionary, Hark! Cafe and The Restaurant Project, Vegan East, PLNT BSD, Reverie Cafe + Bar and Spenser Morgan Photography, Lindsey Johnston of J. Selby’s, and Seed Cafe. Thank you!!

Finally, we thank A Well-Fed World, The Herbivorous Butcher, and Farmaste Animal Sanctuary for their support in making this issue possible!

We look forward to sharing the magazine throughout the year at our events and local veg hot spots. We hope you’ll share it with friends to let them know about the suffering farmed animals experience and show them how they can make a difference with their everyday choices.

Read TCVL Issue 7!

If you want to support the creation and distribution of Twin Cities Veg Living and other CAA outreach tools, please make a donation to CAA today.

Find other issues of Twin Cities Veg Living here. Download the pdf of the current issue here.


Please note: Views expressed in Twin Cities Veg Living by contributing writers, editors, advertisers, sanctuaries, businesses, other entities, individuals, and/or the public are independent, and may not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of Compassionate Action for Animals. 

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