Interview With Volunteer Liz Sias

Meet Liz Sias, one of our newest volunteer planners for the Twin Cities Veg Fest. Liz has been a great volunteer with Compassionate Action for Animals so we asked to her take the lead on volunteer coordination for the festival.

TCVF: What is your role on the Veg Fest team?

Liz: I'm the volunteer coordinator, which means it's my job to recruit people and train them to help with anything and everything that needs to happen in order to make a fun and successful Veg Fest. From postering before the event to staffing booths and everything in between, Veg Fest relies on the great work of volunteers and it wouldn't be successful without them.

TCVF: How did you get involved in planning the Veg Fest?

Liz: I've been volunteering with CAA for about a year, leafletting, helping out at events and planning the 2013 vegan chili cook-off. When offered the opportunity to help plan CAA's biggest event, I couldn't turn it down.

TCVF: What have you enjoyed most so far?

Liz: I've really enjoyed getting to know other CAA volunteers on the planning committee. Oh, and I got to visit Madison for Mad City Vegan Fest in June to help get the word out about Twin Cities Veg Fest, and that trip was a lot of fun. It's been fun to see everything come together for this event as time passes.

TCVF: What are you most looking forward to?

Liz: I'm not going to lie, I'm most looking forward to all the free food samples! And, OK, meeting and working with all the amazing volunteers who help make Veg Fest happen.

TCVF: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Liz: I enjoy biking, especially on the Greenway and on the beautiful trails around Minneapolis. I also really like cooking and reading. And, of course, my biggest passion is advocating for animals with groups like CAA 🙂

TCVF: Who or what species is your favorite animal?

Liz: Isn't this question speciesist? Just kidding. It's hard to pick just one species. I love orcas (killer whales) because they're so beautiful and I find their social lives and family groups interesting. I also love wolves. And lions, and all other species of cats. And goats are adorable. I can't pick just one!

TCVF: Do you have a favorite recipe you can share?

Liz: Swiss Chard Frittata from the Post Punk Kitchen

TCVF: What's rockin' your world this month?

Liz: I'm excited that the weather has finally been cooperating, so I've been enjoying the outdoors with all sorts of festivals all summer, from Stone Arch Bridge Fest, to Open Streets, Twin Cities Pride and so many more.

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