My Vegan Valentine

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and whether you celebrate the day with a sweetheart, friends, or make it a day of self-love and care, there’s no better way to celebrate the day by living a life of compassion.

Here are some ways to keep the animals in mind on Valentine’s Day:

If you’re planning on going out, look for a Valentine’s event at a local restaurant (there are MANY vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants to visit in the Twin Cities—if you’re looking for ideas, consult Happy Cow, Yelp, or Google!). You could also look for a show or other event to attend, including Mistress Ginger’s Be My Nasty Valentine: Songs of Love and Liberation on February 14 and 15.

Staying in can be just as fun! Cook with your date and find a movie to watch and spend quality time together. Bonus points for a romantic, late-night walk, weather permitting. Here are some recipe ideas to get your brainstorming started.

Looking for something sweet? Come buy some sweet treats for your sweetie at our Valentine’s Vegan Bake Sale on Thursday, February 14, on the ground floor of Coffman Memorial Union, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, 300 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis.

You can also visit a local vegan-friendly bakery or shop to pick a sweet treat or create something of your own! There are so many awesome recipes out there, like Sweet Potato Soul’s Vegan Beet Brownies—the world is your Oyster Mushroom!

One other thing to know if you’re buying chocolate this week—Did you know that some chocolate makers source their chocolate from areas that use child labor and slavery and some makers of vegan-friendly chocolates are involved? You can learn which vegan chocolates to avoid on Food Empowerment’s Chocolate List (they also have an app) and support those that don’t use children!

Is gift-giving a part of your Valentine’s Day? See what local sanctuaries are asking for around this time of year and make a gift in your sweetie’s name to support a resident!

However you do or don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, we hope that you feel the love!

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