Volunteer Shout-Out: Clara Junemann

Clara Junemann has been our social media coordinator for the 2020 Twin Cities Vegan Chef Challenge. Learn what she loves about being a volunteer and find out what she recommends to kick vegan dishes up a notch.

Clara Junemann

How did you get involved with CAA?

I first heard about CAA when I attended the 2019 Twin Cities Veg Fest. It was shortly after we moved to the Twin Cities and I loved everything that CAA was doing and the wonderful festival that they organized (not to mention the delicious food).

What does your CAA volunteer work entail? 

This year I was the Social Media Coordinator for the 2020 TC Vegan Chef Challenge. In the beginning I was one of several volunteers who would reach out to restaurants that were interested in participating in the challenge. Once the event started, I planned the daily social media posts and worked on promoting the event in our area. 

What do you love about volunteering? 

What I find most rewarding about volunteering is the sense of community it creates and the impact it can have. One of my favorite quotes is from Christiana Figeueres, who says “All of us share the responsibility and the opportunity to co-create a better world.” Nonprofit organizations like CAA are what make our communities powerful and volunteering is a great way to be a part of that.

What advice would you give to new vegans?

Don’t forget your spices! I’ve heard people say that vegan food sounds bland, but that’s certainly not the case. I encourage you to stop at your local co-op and find some new spices to cook with. If you’re eating out, I suggest checking the menu beforehand. It’s a simple way to see what they have on their menu that is or can be made vegan. 

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