Volunteer Shout-Out: Yosan, Pallavi and Karla — the Macalester CAA leadership team

CAA is going strong at Macalester College in St. Paul, thanks to the drive and leadership of passionate student volunteers. Mac CAA works to encourage fellow students, the campus community and the larger community to make plant-based food a priority. Yosan Worota, Pallavi Shoroff, and Karla Moreno Polanco head up this group, which is just shy of its first-year anniversary. Read on to find out more about them.

Yosan Worota

Yosan is the co-chair of the Macalester CAA chapter. With the help of CAA’s Executive Director, Laura Matanah, Yosan was inspired to establish CAA at Macalester College last year.

Her summer internship at CAA inspired her to be a vegetarian. She is currently looking forward to the group’s project of expanding Macalester’s cafeteria plant-based menu.

Pallavi Shoroff

Pallavi is co-chair of Macalester CAA and the group’s social media coordinator. She learned about CAA during her first Veg Fest in 2018. In her role with Mac CAA, she is looking forward to increasing awareness about farmed animals and showing others how amazing plant-based food can be.

Pallavi says, “I am inspired to be vegan because I believe we as humans have inflicted suffering upon so many creatures and need to treat all species with respect. Also, farmed animals are often a neglected population deserving of protection and by not consuming animal products we can simultaneously help fight climate change and environmental injustices imposed on BIPOC communities.

Karla Moreno Poblanco

Karla is the Macalester CAA treasurer. She is most looking forward to incorporating the ideas of intersectional veganism into the group’s discussions. Karla is also looking forward to planning fun events for the community.

Karla says, “I am inspired to be vegan because I have the ability to help reduce the demand for animal suffering by not consuming or buying animal products. Also, it helps me think more critically about where all of my food is coming from and the environmental and social impacts it is having.”   


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