Volunteer Shout-Out: Meet Debra Johnson

At CAA, some of the work we do for animals and people requires a lot of administrative details. That’s why we’re grateful for volunteers like Debra Johnson who have a keen eye for the particulars. Debra’s been helping us with data entry and other clerical duties, keeping our efforts humming along. Find out more about Debra and what inspires her to live plant-based.

Debra Johnson

How did you discover Compassionate Action for Animals?

I discovered CAA by googling animal rights Minneapolis.

What are your volunteer duties?

My volunteer duties are mostly data entry and other clerical duties.

When you are not volunteering, what do you enjoy doing?

When I am not volunteering, I enjoy painting watercolor paintings and I am currently enrolled at MCTC. I am taking art classes with the goal of a degree in graphic design.

What inspired you to go plant based?

I have never liked the idea of killing animals and eating them. It was difficult to learn about vegetarian or vegan nutrition and cooking in the 1970’s when I started looking but now that information is so much more prevalent. I find it hard to understand how others are not inspired to abandon the practice of eating animal flesh.

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