Spring Farm Sanctuary in Transition

Spring Farm Sanctuary Moving to Tennessee

We have some bittersweet news from Spring Farm Sanctuary. They are moving and merging with Odd Man Inn sanctuary in Tennessee (see the details below).

Spring Farm Sanctuary (SFS) in Long Lake, MN was founded in 2016 by Robin Johnson. SFS has been committed to ending farmed animal cruelty and promoting vegan living through their rescue, rehabilitation, and education efforts. They have provided a loving home for abused and neglected farm animals. In addition, they have encouraged the community to connect with animals and realize how sensitive, emotional, and caring they are. Over these years they have rescued and provided a home for over 25 chickens, cows, steer, turkeys, sheep and goats. 

Starting this summer Robin and Buck will no longer be involved in the physical care of the animals that have been in their care . They have gotten to know Wendy and Josh at Odd Man Inn and feel confident that they will offer a wonderful new forever home to the SFS animals. The move to Tennessee and the integration of the animals with those at Odd Man Inn has been carefully planned and will begin in May.

CAA has partnered with SFS often in the past and will miss working with these tireless advocates. And, of course, we will greatly miss getting to know their residents. We wish them all the best in the upcoming changes and are glad we will be able to keep abreast of the residents in their new home.

Robin Johnson and Buck have shared the following on the Spring Farm social media:

Dear Friends of Spring Farm Sanctuary,

After five amazing years growing Spring Farm Sanctuary with all of you, it’s time for us to make a change. With much consideration, it is with great pride that Spring Farm Sanctuary (SFS) will be joining forces with @OddManInn to care for our animals and advance our cause.

We have the utmost respect for how much work it takes to manage a safe place for our many animals. While SFS has brought great purpose to our lives, Buck and I need to prioritize our health and pass the torch.

For many years, we have admired Wendy and Josh at Odd Man Inn. As we’ve gotten to know them more over the past months, it’s clear they are among the most compassionate, caring people we have ever met.

Starting in June, we will begin the process of transporting our animals to the beautiful 93-acre property owned by Odd Man Inn in Jamestown, TN. Odd Man Inn will become their new forever home; as they continue their rescue journey and will live in peace and safety in a more moderate climate with caregivers that are up to the task of providing the same exceptional care they’ve been given at Spring Farm Sanctuary.

The animals will move to Tennessee in stages with the help and strict supervision of both Spring Farm Sanctuary and Odd Man Inn. Spaces are being prepared for them to safely join the Odd Man Inn herd in their appropriate species. Every effort is being made to ensure the animals have as little stress as possible as they make their way down to Tennessee. While transferring the animals represents a big change, we are confident this transition is in the best interests of our animals.

As this transition happens, Spring Farm Sanctuary will gradually wind down its operation in Minnesota. I am thrilled to be joining the immensely dedicated Board of Directors for Odd Man Inn, who all serve the organization as volunteers. Your animal friends from Spring Farm Sanctuary will have a familiar face at the very top level of Odd Man Inn’s leadership. While our retirement from physical animal care is bittersweet, we are excited that we can continue our work as animal advocates with our entire animal family together under the roof of an organization we greatly respect and admire.

Your involvement in the lives of these animals is vitally important, and we ask that you will continue to support the team that is providing them with all that they need. Odd Man Inn will take over their sponsorship accounts, but we ask that you would join us in supporting Odd Man Inn in every other way you typically support Spring Farm Sanctuary. Odd Man Inn has vibrant and bustling social media accounts @OddManInn that will now be the home of your favorite animals from Spring Farm Sanctuary. You can learn more about Odd Man Inn and find ways to support at any donation level at oddmaninn.org.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for five years of kindness, support and love in meeting the needs of our animals. With your dedication, we have made meaningful progress and inspired many in our communities to live more compassionate lives. We are honored to be a part of this community and are excited for our next chapter of animal advocacy.

With love,
Robin and Buck

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