Meet Stefanie Amundsen—New CAA Design Director

Stef loves to lounge around with Ted the cat

Stefanie Amundsen (Stef) (she/her) has recently been hired as our new Design Director. Stef is no stranger to CAA! She has been part of the UMN CAA student group group for a few years, and has helped out with graphics for some of our projects.

Stef just graduated from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with a Bachelor’s in Art with minors in Racial Justice in Urban Schooling and Sustainability. This summer, in addition to starting with us, she will begin a graduate program to work toward a Master’s in Education and a K-12 Arts Teaching License.

She loves being able to use her design/art skills and talents as an activist and as a way to work toward a future that’s more just, equitable, and compassionate for all — especially those whose voices aren’t often amplified, including the animals. For the past few years, she has spent a great amount of time in activism on climate justice and women’s sexual and reproductive health.

She is very motivated to the work of helping build people’s compassion for farmed animals. Stef cites the impact of several films on animal advocacy for sparking her move to veganism.

She tells us: “the moment that sparked my understanding of and involvement in advocacy and activism was back in 2016 when I decided day-of to go vegan. I was scrolling through Netflix and saw a documentary called Cowspiracy, and was immediately captivated. I then fell down the (immensely important) rabbit hole of watching Forks Over Knives and eventually Earthlings. Not even a quarter of the way through that last film, I remember pausing it and rushing to my closet to search for any label with wool, leather, or any other animal product. I took them all out in a pile to be donated, and that night I asked if I could make a vegan dinner for my family. When we were eating, I remember tears almost automatically falling out of my eyes as I explained all that I learned on that day, and they’ve helped me eat and live plant-based ever since. (I also learned how much I LOVE to cook! I truly think I’ve found the perfect cinnamon roll recipe.)”

“That moment also catapulted me into understanding intersectional issues of justice, which is why I got involved with UMN Climate Justice for most of my undergraduate college career. The group introduced me to graphic design as a form of advocacy, and I found such deep joy in making beautiful and impactful images to activate people and bring them in”.

We welcome Stef—her skills, her compassion and her commitment to activism—to the team!

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