Meet some of the Twin Cities Veg Fest volunteers

Over the last several months we have done blogs on some of our Twin Cities Veg Fest volunteers. Now that the time is coming close to the big day (September 18!) we want to recognize a few more of this hard working team: 

Nathan Gaut

Nathan Gaut is currently assisting the Chairs of the Festival. After 5 years of festival planning and as a past chair for several years (and a current board member), Nathan is perfectly suited to help support the two Chairs for this year: Breanna Knutson and Katelyn Maddox.

When asked about what he loved about volunteering with CAA he cites the CAA community with its many “cool people who are just as passionate about animal welfare as me.” Planning the festival is a lot of work but he states that  “To be together working towards a common goal of inspiring people and building a sense of community makes all the work worth it.”

Lisa Goddard

Lisa Goddard is the Speaker coordinator and Secondary Backup Assistant to the PR Coordinator for the festival.  She started volunteering in 2021 having been introduced to it through her husband who had volunteered pre-pandemic. She loves that it gives her an opportunity to connect with people. She is an animal lover who is on the board (Treasurer) of Feline Rescue.  She states her motivation: ” I want to be part of anything that can reduce the unnecessary pain and suffering of any living being.”

Jared Rolsky is the Co-coordinator of volunteers (with Mike Odell). He has been volunteering with Compassionate Action for Animals for about ten years. His initial connection to volunteering was through his son, Dave Rolsky, one of CAA’s founders. Jared was attracted to volunteering because he “value(s) Dave’s commitment to the mission and can share that by Volunteering with CAA.” He goes on to say that “it’s the right thing to do.”

You too can support the festival by volunteering. We need 150 volunteers to make the event possible. All volunteers get a free limited-edition t-shirt and $5 off a Fastmeal. Those who volunteer for high need positions also get a swag bag:  a Twin Cities Veg Fest tote filled with swag from our sponsors. All will check in at the Reverie Cafe+Bar Volunteer Area by the pavilion, and you will get training ahead. Sign up and help us fill those last spots!

Another way to support the festival:

The festival costs over $60,000 to produce and while Sponsors and Exhibitors help cover a lot of the costs, more is needed. By stepping up as an individual you enable us to keep the festival free for all. Help make this 10th Anniversary festival the best yet. Donate by August 31 and get your donation matched.

For information on the Twin Cities Veg Fest and how you too can support it, go to

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