2022 Twin Cities Veg Fest inspires thousands

More than 180 volunteers helped us welcome approximately 5,000 visitors to Twin Cities Veg Fest on September 18. Best of all, 98% of visitors surveyed enjoyed their experience! We are deeply grateful to the exhibitors, sponsors, presenters, donors, volunteers, attendees and staff who made the day celebratory and transformative.

Our sponsor VegFund put together the festival survey participation and tabulated results. Based on responses we see that the event was a resounding success. We also gained insights to help with future planning.

When asked their reason for attending, three quarters stated they wanted to learn about or try new vegan products. Almost half of respondents said that socializing and/or entertainment were key factors. This shows that we need to keep the event both informative and fun.

And the results show we have been successful with that. Almost all reported satisfaction with the festival—with 70% very satisfied. And over 99% plan to attend next time. This indicates that we met their desires.

We reached new people and helped make a change. Half of attendees were not vegan but around one third plan to go more plant-based in future! Interestingly, 66% report that sampling vegan products was what influenced that decision. Closely followed by visiting booths and talking to vendors and workers/volunteers. And almost half will share what they learned with family and friends.

That’s a big win for their health, the planet and the animals! Knowing that it has such a positive impact is what brings us together to host this event. The volunteers, vendors, speakers, and musicians together make this all possible.

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