Get to know Mike Odell, Co-coordinator of Volunteers for this year’s Twin Cities Veg Fest

Mike Odell is was co-coordinator of volunteers, along with Jared Rolsky (see previous blog post from August) for the 2022 Twin Cities Veg Fest. Mike and Jared did a great job this year this year shepherding a large number of volunteers (we even had more volunteers than needed!). Together they all helped us to serve over 5,000 visitors and receive a 99% positive response to the festival. We couldn’t have done it without the volunteers and to their tireless team leads!

Last year was Mike’s first year volunteering and he liked it so much he stepped up to help other volunteers! He volunteered the day of the festival for set up and tear down and saw how much work was needed and how lean CAA staffing is. He was also attracted to the positive energy of the festival and how excited they are to be there. 

He was also on the Thanksliving planning team and helped on the Lake Monster FunRaiser this year for Twin Cities Veg Fest. In addition to being of assistance to CAA he appreciates the opportunity to build leadership and speaking skills. He also loves meeting people from a diversity of backgrounds.

He discovered CAA at a Chili Cook off and was attracted by the event and CAA’s approach. He likes that we keep it positive and have a helpful and inclusive atmosphere. The focus on saving animal lives and human health also appealed to him. 

His inspiration to be plant based is caring about animal welfare. “The best way to stop factory farming is to reduce demand. He feels he can do that with CAA, and especially by his work with Twin Cities Veg Fest.

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