Meet Hank, lucky new resident at Spring Farm Sanctuary

July 11. 2023

Meet Hank, a brave turkey who recently had a change in luck. It all began when Hank was discovered wandering in a neighborhood in New Hope, MN. Thanks to the compassion of an animal rescuer, he now has a second chance at life at Spring Farm Sanctuary.

Upon hearing about Hank’s situation, Spring Farm felt compelled to help. They eagerly offered to provide Hank with a loving home where he would be safe and cherished. After a vet exam, this one year old turkey was given a clean bill of health, aside from being a bit on the husky side. In fact, he tipped the scales at an astonishing 54 pounds!

Determined to help Hank shed those extra pounds and lead a healthy life, they embarked on a carefully monitored feeding regimen. Hank is now enjoying a balanced diet of two cups of food per day, supplemented with a variety of fresh produce. And the results have been astounding! Hank recently weighed in at 47.9 pounds—a remarkable achievement. This places him within the healthy weight range for a male broad-breasted turkey.

Hank is adjusting well to his new home and has formed a heartwarming bond with Timmy, a Leghorn rooster. These two inseparable companions spend their days strolling the pastures, enjoying their freedom. Timmy’s presence and their daily adventures have played a significant role in Hank’s weight loss journey.

It’s hard to fathom the circumstances he likely faced before his rescue. It is suspected that Hank fell off a transport truck destined for slaughter—a fate that no living being deserves. However, thanks to Spring Farm, Hank now has the chance to live a long, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Hank is a true testament to the power of love, resilience, and second chances. We hope his story inspires you to extend your compassion to all creatures, big and small. Together, we can make a difference and create a world where every being is valued and cherished.

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