Meet Sara Beth Olson, CAA’s new Graphic Design, Social Media and Marketing Coordinator

August 16, 2023

Recently, CAA announced the opening of a new full time position within the organization — the Graphic Design, Social Media, and Marketing Coordinator. This position combines roles from two previous positions along with a new marketing role. All made possible by generous donations and grants.  Now, we are pleased to introduce Sara Beth Olson who accepted our offer and is just starting her new role! 

Sara comes to us with 5+ years of experience in content marketing for digital agencies, working with a wide variety of end clients on blogs, websites, social media, ebooks, and more. Her time in this industry has given her the knowledge base to help organizations succeed in their marketing goals and drive results. 

With a dual degree in English and Studio Art, Sara has always enjoyed taking on creative projects that blend written words with visuals, and has an exacting eye for the details that matter. She applies these skills to marketing campaigns to create eye-catching and interesting content and is so thrilled to bring these talents to CAA. 

More than 20 years ago, Sara tried a vegetarian lifestyle. Growing up in rural Minnesota, and in a family that owned a steakhouse, it wasn’t an easy path at first. But a love for animals and the environment was always a driving force, and there was no looking back. Soon after, she fully adopted a vegan lifestyle and has worked to inspire others to reduce their consumption of animal products. 

She also has volunteer experience with the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society, working with both supply sales and newsletter coordination. Sara has taken in several rescue rabbits over the years and has enjoyed many Hoppy Hour events.

While living in Portland, Sara attended her first Veg Fest, and was in awe of all of the vegan resources and people coming together. After moving back to the Twin Cities, she was thrilled to find a local Veg Fest here as well. The event is an annual highlight for her family, and was how she initially connected with and started following CAA. 

Sara and her daughter Beatrix at the Twin Cities Veg Fest

Today, Sara lives in Saint Paul with her daughter, Beatrix,  and several rescued companion animals, including two dogs and a turtle. She hopes to add another rabbit to the crew soon as well. Outside of work, she loves creating artwork, writing, summer days at the beach, live music, and cooking vegan food at home. Sara also loves exploring the growing vegan community in the Twin Cities and visiting new restaurants, obsessively reading menus online looking for vegan options. She hopes to help inspire more restaurants to add vegan options and to expand the already vibrant vegan communities throughout Minnesota, with more people giving plant-based living a try. 

Sara is excited to join the team at CAA and use her marketing talents and experiences to make a difference for the animals, and we are excited to have her! Please join us in welcoming her to CAA. You’ll find Sara at many of our events in the coming weeks and she looks forward to meeting all of you!

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