Pedaling for a Cause: Twin Cities Veg Fest Fundraiser Breaks Records!

August 16, 2023

On August 12, Compassionate Action For Animals held its most successful fundraiser ever for the Twin Cities Veg Fest. The Twin Cities first Plant-based Bike Crawl was the brainchild of the CAA Board of Directors. It all started with the brilliant minds of the CAA Board of Directors. They came up with this fantastic idea, and with the help of a dedicated team of board members and volunteers, they made it happen. And boy, was it a blast! Best yet, the ride raised a total of $2,305 after expenses!

Equally important, the Crawl drew in a lot of interested folks—many of them new to CAA and veganism. Over fifty riders had a fun day enjoying the perfect weather, touring beautiful south Minneapolis, and sampling a variety of vegan goodies. It was also a chance to meet like-minded folks in CAA’s vibrant community. A couple of dedicated doggie companions even joined in the fun!

The bike crawl covered a total of 18 miles starting at Powderhorn Park. From there, the riders pedaled their way to Reverie Cafe + Bar, where they enjoyed mouthwatering jackfruit carnitas tacos. Then, they made a pit stop at Herbie Butcher, where they indulged in a cup of one of their tasty sides topped with vegan fried chicken. Finally, they wrapped up their ride at Vegan East, where they treated themselves to a special commemorative chocolate cupcake. Along the route, they also enjoyed homemade vegan snacks lovingly prepared and served by the awesome CAA volunteers. Talk about a feast on wheels!

The Plant-based Bike Crawl was so incredibly successful and fun that there’s a good chance it might happen again next year. So, keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned for your chance to join in on this epic adventure next time.

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