CAA Interns Shanya and Muna learn valuable skills and make a difference!

August 28, 2023

Shanya Glover (left) and Muna Mohamed

We had the pleasure of having Shanya Glover and Muna Mohamed join us as interns this summer. They were part of the Step Up program, which supports young people in gaining job skills by matching them with local nonprofits and businesses.

Community Organizer Tamuno Imbu set up the internship and supervised the interns. This summer, Shanya and Muna rocked at outreach events, spreading the word about Twin Cities Veg Fest. In addition, they educated other youth about connections between diet, human health disparities, and the treatment of farmed animals. They also played a big role in transferring our blog posts as we get ready for some exciting changes to our website, and doing data entry that will prepare us to meet with legislators around our factory farming moratorium petition in early 2024.

Let’s learn more about them!

Shanya (left) and Muna pitched in to help with lots of projects including collating leaflets for the Twin Cities Vegan Chef Challenge

Shanya Glover, who will be a junior at Patrick Henry High School this year, did an outstanding job during her time with us. Before joining our team, she had worked at McDonald’s for a few months. Shanya loves school and enjoys being helpful. She states that her favorite thing she did for us was “going to different restaurants around Minneapolis and trying vegan and plant based foods and meeting new people and learning how animals are getting treated.” Shanya’s goal is to turn her life around and eat healthier foods. She is grateful for the opportunity to learn all the valuable things she did at CAA.

Muna Mohamed, who will be attending Jefferson High School in Bloomington as a sophomore next year, also worked with us. Muna is from Nairobi, Kenya, and has six siblings. When she came to us she stated her goals for the internship: “I am eager to immerse myself in challenging projects, collaborate with talented professionals, and absorb as much knowledge as possible.” We were impressed with Muna’s dedication and enthusiasm.

We are proud of Shanya and Muna for their hard work and the valuable contributions they made to our organization. We hope their experience with us this summer was as beneficial for them as it was for us. We wish them all the success in their upcoming school year!

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