Meet Mitch Bermel, a new CAA board member

September 28, 2023

Meet Mitch Bermel, a new CAA board member who’s passionate about our mission to promote empathy for animals and encourage plant-based diets. Mitch, a dedicated volunteer and donor, believes CAA holds untapped potential and is eager to shape its future, especially through strategic planning.

Mitch brings nonprofit experience from his work at Legal Assistance of Dakota County. He began volunteering with CAA in January 2021 and was active on the Development Committee. He appreciates CAA’s community focus and aims to help expand its outreach efforts, such as we did with the cornhole tournament in Summer 2022, which he helped organize.

Mitch supports CAA’s approach in the animal advocacy movement, valuing small victories and meeting people where they are on their journey to plant-based and animal rights.

With a background in sales and marketing, Mitch plans to leverage his skills to help CAA raise funds and devise outreach strategies, including avenues like newspaper ads, radio spots, TV promotions, and collaborations with sympathetic organizations.

Apart from his professional interests, Mitch enjoys quinoa and lentil dishes and recommends Taste of Thaiyai and Mac Kitchen in Apple Valley for fried tofu lovers. Outside of animal advocacy, he enjoys outdoor adventures with his girlfriend and their intelligent and playful Samoyed named Kozmo, who turns two in December. Mitch is also working on a screenplay.

Notably, Mitch is introverted and reflective, valuing thoughtful observation and feedback as he contributes to CAA’s mission.

Join us in welcoming Mitch to the CAA board! We are lucky to have him.

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