Get to know Hannah Milos: one of CAA’s newest Board members

September 28, 2023

Hannah Milos started volunteering with CAA in 2022, helping with events like Twin Cities VegFest, the Annual Vegan Chili Cook-Off, and the Twin Cities Plant-Based Bike Crawl. In the summer of 2023, she attended the Animal and Vegan Advocacy Summit with CAA, where she learned valuable skills and resources for being a better activist. This inspired her to join the board in August 2023.

Hannah appreciated her year of volunteering with CAA, finding events like VegFest, the Vegan Chili Cookoff, and the Plant-Based Bike Crawl both creative and fun. She enjoyed meeting fellow vegans, volunteers, and CAA staff. Her participation in the Animal and Vegan Advocacy Summit exposed her to passionate activists and organizations, fueling her desire to be a more active activist.

Meeting inspiring groups at the AVA summit, she aims to follow and learn from their work, appreciating CAA’s strong sense of community and creative animal advocacy approach. She supports CAA’s efforts to empower students, engage with the younger generation, and drive policy change. Hannah believes in a diverse approach to the animal advocacy movement, emphasizing education, storytelling, and strategic focus. She’s interested in creative ways to educate and build communities.

She currently works in urban and community forestry, managing project grants that aim to increase equity in urban canopy cover. Hannah recently helped re-establish an advisory board for a state urban forestry tree council, gaining insight into how boards work.

As an experienced organizer of fundraising events during college, she hopes to help CAA diversify its fundraising channels, including unique events and potential grants or corporate partnerships. In her current job as a grant administrator and monitor, she ensures compliance with federal authorities and helps organizations refine their grant applications. With this background she is particularly well suited to her new role as Treasurer of the CAA’s Board.

Hannah has been a vegan since 2019. She loves recreating her childhood food favorites with vegan ingredients. Her mom, who grew up in Hawaii, taught her how to make these local dishes. From Chinese BBQ pork buns to Spam musubi, malasadas, and chocolate haupia pie, Hannah’s vegan versions taste just like she remembers. It brings her joy to stay connected to her cultural roots while being vegan.

When she’s not advocating for animals, Hannah enjoys playing guitar, painting, cooking and baking, sewing, thrift shopping, reading, crocheting, biking, walking, hiking, foraging, and spending time with loved ones.

She has a 5-year-old adopted staffy mix named Momo. Momo loves peanut butter, rolling in the grass, cozy blankets, and long naps on a comfy chair.

Join us in welcoming Hannah to the CAA board! We are lucky to have her.

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