Get to know Dexter Thomas, CAA Volunteer

October 19, 2023

In 2005, Dexter read ‘Strategic Nonviolence for Animal Liberation’ by Freeman Wicklund. This book introduced him to CAA and the philosophy of strategic nonviolence which was our focus at that time. 

This approach inspired his activism in Utah, where he lived. Implementing CAA’s approach helped  bring about  tangible transformations and measurable progress for animal rights there. He is proud of the changes he helped facilitate and attributes much of that to the principles he learned from CAA.

In April 2021, Dexter moved to Minnesota from Utah with his partner and their four adopted cats. They have embraced the vibrant local culture and are exploring all the Twin Cities has to offer.  Contributing to CAA’s mission is high on his list of priorities. Most recently, he volunteered on the Twin Cities Vegan Chef Challenge Committee.  He enjoyed supporting its work to promote vegan cuisine and bring it into the mainstream.

Dexter believes we each can effect change. We can advocate for the rights of animals. We can adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. Or, we can extend understanding and compassion in our everyday choices. Volunteering with CAA is one way Dexter contributes to that change.

When asked about his favorite restaurants, Dexter said he has many favorite spots. One that stands out is J.Selby’s. “But honestly,” he says, “the competition is stiff as so many delicious vegan options are around! We’ve barely scratched the surface, and I look forward to unearthing all the vegan gems the Twin Cities has to offer.”

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