Meet Hot Wheels: The joyful Jersey cow of Herbivorous Acres

October 17, 2023

We want to introduce you to a lovable, curious, and spirited five-month-old Jersey cow. Hot Wheels is one of the most recent residents at Herbivorous Acres.

Hot Wheels’ journey to the sanctuary started in May 2023 when he was rescued from a dairy farm. Hot Wheels was deemed too small to be sold for cheap veal, and as a male, not profitable to the dairy industry. Herbivorous Acres rescued him from certain death and gave him a forever home.

Hot Wheels arrived at the sanctuary with his twin brother, Stretch, and they weren’t in the best shape. Both were very sick with pneumonia and extremely high temperatures. The dedicated team at Herbivorous Acres worked tirelessly to nurse them back to health. Unfortunately, Stretch didn’t make it and died of cardiomyopathy last June.

Even during the toughest times of his recovery, Hot Wheels displayed remarkable resilience. His energy was initially limited to short bursts, but as his health improved, he began to exhibit his lively personality. His love for speed has earned him his unique name.

Hot Wheels has quickly become a beloved member of the sanctuary family. He’s known for his cuddly and affectionate nature, bringing joy to everyone he meets. His current favorite playmate is Olivia the goat. Their bond is a testament to the loving connections formed between animals in sanctuaries.

Thanks to the love and care he receives at Herbivorous Acres, Hot Wheels now enjoys basking in the sun, munching on hay, and playing in open fields. His story is a reminder of the difference we can make in the lives of animals traditionally abused in our food system.

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