Faunalytics: Guiding Effective Animal Advocacy Through Research Insights

November 21, 2023

Faunalytics: Guiding Effective Animal Advocacy Through Research Insights

We are delighted to highlight the impactful work of Faunalytics. This nonprofit provides insights and resources to help guide positive change for animals. Staff and board members recently participated in an orientation to their free services. The presentation included some key insights that may help us be more effective.

Faunalytics believes that thorough research is crucial for effective action. Some interesting research findings they shared include:

  • The general public is open to institutional change like Meatless Mondays in schools 
  • People found a “gain frame” more appealing to hear than a “loss frame,” i.e. saving lives vs. preventing deaths

They also pointed out that there are differences among demographic groups which could impact their receptivity to our message. Examples include:

  • People who believe in climate change are more likely to sign petitions and take action related to our work. 
  • Different groups of people respond differently to advocacy approaches:
    • BIPGM are generally more open to pro-animal actions, depending on what actions you ask for
    • Women ages 18-35 are more likely to support animal causes

Faunalytics points out that having awareness of such differences can help us in tailoring messages and framing appeals. They advocate for finding a message that resonates with our target audience — not just with those who are already followers. Another tip was to repeat messages over time to increase their effectiveness.

This information helps us to see possible implications for our future work. These might include such actions as:

  • Prioritizing ballot measures like California’s Prop 12
  • Ally more with climate change advocates
  • Portray our views as widely held beliefs
  • Focus on saving lives vs. preventing deaths in our messages

The staff and board were thrilled with these insights and free resources. We have already started using them to help inform our work. Check them out for yourself.

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