Meet John Pierce: A valued volunteer with CAA

January 1, 2024

John and Claudette, one of his three chicken family members.

Get ready to be inspired by John Pierce, a passionate volunteer at CAA. John’s journey with CAA began at the 2023 Twin Cities Pride Festival, where he was captivated by the warm and welcoming volunteers at the CAA tent. As someone who cares deeply about animal well-being, John felt an instant connection with the organization.

In his role as a volunteer, John has actively contributed to various CAA events. He helped with vendor set-up at Twin Cities Veg Fest last year. In addition, John used his photography skills there to capture special moments, like the exciting opening ‘rope drop.’ He also participated in a workday at Chicken Run Rescue, demonstrating his commitment to hands-on involvement.

One of John’s many photos of the Twin Cities Veg Fest, showing those lined up for the “rope-drop” at the start of the event.

John believes in the power of volunteering for CAA and the potential impact it can have. He appreciates our work to encourage people to rethink their relationship with food. It is his belief that “lowering consumption of animal products can help our nonhuman friends, planetary health, and our bodies.”

Outside of volunteering, John is an enthusiastic amateur film buff. He is particularly drawn to films that explore the perspectives of nonhuman beings, such as EO, Gunda, and Blackfish. He also admires the impactful photojournalism of Jo-Anne McCarthur. John considers her coffee table book “Hidden” as a potential catalyst for change.

In his personal life, John finds joy in daily time with his four fluffy chicken friends. He also appreciates the vibrant plant-based restaurant scene in the Twin Cities. A delightful dining experience at Lulu’s EthioVegan Cuisine was a particular favorite.

We are so glad that John has brought his skills and passions to our active volunteer community. 

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