Introducing our new Program Assistant: Yosan Worota

February 12, 2024

CAA is pleased to introduce Yosan Worota, our new part-time Program Assistant! We welcome her dedication to animal welfare and passion for amplifying diverse voices. Over the past five years, she has a remarkable track record of volunteering for leadership roles within CAA. It all started when she interned as a program assistant after her freshman year in college.

During this time, she started getting more involved with CAA as a volunteer. Her involvement includes being Co-chair for the 2020 Twin Cities Vegan Chef Challenge and the planning team for the 2020 Annual Banquet. We were also happy to have her author an article for our Minnesota Veg Living magazine and speak at World Day for Farmed Animals. Most crucially, she led the establishment of a student chapter of CAA at Macalester College.

For Yosan, the position of program assistant aligns perfectly with her passion for advocacy. It represents a natural progression to taking on greater responsibilities within our organization.

She shared her admiration for CAA, saying, “The genuine support from the staff when I proposed to establish a chapter of CAA at Macalester was invaluable. It demonstrated to me that every member of the team truly cares about what they advocate for.”

Beyond her advocacy work, Yosan leads a fulfilling life filled with purpose and creativity. When she’s not championing animal welfare, you can find her working as an EMT. She also enjoys spending time with loved ones, and exploring her creative talents. These include oil painting and hobbies like crocheting and cooking.

We are excited to have her, and her experience and passion, on our team!

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