The planning team behind the Dr. Greger “How Not to Age” event share their how his work has impacted them

February 26, 2024

Our February 10 event with Dr. Michael Greger speaking on his book, “How Not to Age” was a huge success. Check out our blog and slide show for details on this popular event. As we reflect on its success, it’s essential to acknowledge the dedicated planning team who made it all possible: Mark Reis-Henrie, Margaret Telfer, Steve Thompson, and Velma Wagner. 

They joined the team because Dr. Greger’s work and whole foods plant-based eating have made a difference in their lives. They shared how:

  • Margaret Tefler: “At 73, I feel young and healthy. I have eaten this way for over 15 years and encourage my friends to change their diets. Dr. Greger is so knowledgeable and always exploring new studies to figure out what is the best diet for health.”
  • Steve Thompson: “The validity of the science that backs up the value of whole food plant-based eating is my biggest take away from Dr. Greger’s work. I have rebuilt my health over the past 5 years by following this way of eating….When I changed my diet, I felt about 5 years younger every year — I’m 70 but now I feel like I’m 30! Achy joints, skin problems, type 2 diabetes — gone!!”
  • Mark Reis-Henrie: “Whole foods plant-based eating has made a difference in my life by improving my overall health and resistance to illness, making my ethics towards other beings more consistent and compassionate… while at the same time supporting my more active participation in working towards positive change for myself and our community. At 57 years old, I am so happy to be able to be active, work hard, and not have time and tummy enough to be able to eat all of the delicious food I want to every day!”
  • Velma Wagner: “I see Dr. Greger’s blog and video clips… and I find them to be influential in keeping me up to date with data, as well as supporting this lifestyle. (My) sister came to visit and ate vegan for 5 weeks, resulting in no joint pain, no eczema/skin issues, less bloating, and (she) just felt so much better.”

The success of the event also owes much to the dedication of CAA’s University of Minnesota Chapter. They played a vital role in inviting Dr. Greger to speak and helping organize the event. Their enthusiasm and commitment reflect an aspiration to spread awareness and inspire action. They shared the following thoughts on the impact they think this event will have:

Kelso Anderson (right) with Elicia Bailey at the event
  • Kelso Anderson: “I hope that he generates more interest among the students, faculty, and staff in our strong, world-renowned medical and public health programs on the benefits of a plant-based diet.”
  • Ryan Sauers: “A lot of people on campus have concerns about nutrition, and I think (Dr.) Greger coming to campus is a good way to spread awareness of how you can get nutrients on a plant-based diet, how it’s not that difficult, and how you can be extremely healthy.”
  • Vaagish Sivakumar: “As an MD, if he says you can live well and healthily on a vegan diet, that is a statement that one would be able to respect. It is a good way to counteract myths about vegan nutrition.”
  • Joscelyn Sturm: “As people are exploring the veg space, that they’re going into the space in an informed way that will positively impact their health and give them a positive impression of what vegan eating can look like.”

The dedication of the planning team and student organizers stands as a testament to the power of education, compassion, and community.The principles of whole foods plant-based living will surely continue to inspire positive change for ourselves, our planet and all living beings. 

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