Rupert’s Resilience: A Duck’s Journey to Freedom and Family

May 20, 2024

In a heartwarming tale of resilience, Rupert, a Pekin drake, found refuge and family at Herbivorous Acres Farm Sanctuary after a harrowing ordeal.

Rupert, newly arrived at Herbivorous Acres from the feed store

A tale of rescue and survival

Rupert’s life took a dramatic turn when he was callously thrown out of a moving vehicle at the Forest Lake Marina in December 2019. Fortunately, a compassionate person witnessed this act of cruelty and promptly alerted the police. Acting swiftly, the police managed to catch Rupert and brought him to the feed mill utilized by Herbivorous Acres. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Herbivorous Acres was contacted to inquire if they had room to accommodate the injured and frightened young drake.

A safe haven in the face of adversity

Herbivorous Acres was happy to provide refuge for Rupert. They realized that his chances of survival in the freezing cold without food, water, or shelter were nearly nonexistent. Pekin ducks are a domesticated breed and are not suited to live in the wild, especially in harsh winter conditions.

Given his past experiences, it comes as no surprise that Rupert has always been a shy and reserved soul. Respecting his need for personal space, Herbivorous Acres created an environment where Rupert could thrive. 

Rupert’s favorite things

 Rupert with friends April 2023, Cornelius the rooster (left), Wesley and a partial photo of Dorothy with whom he currently resides 

Despite his shy nature, Rupert has flourished, thanks to the understanding and support of the Herbivorous Acres team. Over the years, this dark-blue-eyed duck has seamlessly settled in with his new-found family, experiencing a sense of security and love in his forever home.

Rupert enjoys his duck family most of all. He currently resides with two other ducks, Wesley and Dorothy. He also had a rooster friend named Cornelius who has passed and who he misses. Rupert enjoys a good combination of snacks, swimming, and naps!  

Marie from Herbivorous Acres says, “He has settled in nicely over the years with his new family and has flourished in his forever home. We are grateful that we can offer a safe space to our rescues, which is made possible by our supporters.”

The impact of Herbivorous Acres and other farm sanctuaries

Rupert’s journey from a traumatic past to a loving and nurturing forever home is a testament to the resilience and strength of animals. Herbivorous Acres’ commitment to providing a safe space for their rescues has allowed Rupert to flourish and thrive. 

His story serves as a reminder of the transformative power of compassion and the profound impact that individuals and organizations can have on the lives of vulnerable animals. As we celebrate stories like Rupert’s, we are reminded of the importance of creating a world where all beings can find love, care, and sanctuary.

What does Herbivorous Acres do?

Herbivorous Acres describes their work this way: “Herbivorous Acres is a 501c3 nonprofit farm sanctuary protecting farmed animals from cruelty, abuse, and neglect. We provide a safe place for animals to live out their lives with well-deserved peace and dignity. We are currently providing a forever home to 20 rescued animals. Our residents include 2 pigs, 3 goats, 1 cow, 4 ducks, 2 roosters, 3 hens, and 5 farm cats. Since incorporating, our mission has effected positive change in the lives of many animals, and reached the hearts of our supporters. By doing this work, our goal is to lead by example, encourage a shift of how farm animals are seen, and show people that peace begins on your plate.”

You can help Rupert and his friends at Herbivorous Acres by donating or volunteering! Find out more on the sanctuary’s website. 

Read more heartwarming animal stories

CAA frequently features the stories of animal sanctuary residents in our blog, newsletter, and social media. We feel that understanding the intelligence and emotions of farmed animals underscores the significance of our efforts on their behalf. The impact is even greater when we can get to know the stories of the residents. To read more heartwarming stories of rescued animals, visit our blog regularly and follow us on social media. 

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