Vegan Recipe Club – Getting Started

You'll learn to make many recipes at the club.

Written by Henry Patterson

What is the Vegan Recipe Club?

The Vegan Recipe Club is for everyone—those curious about vegan cooking and those more experienced with it.

It’s a chance to build community with fellow participants and try making some great new food!

It’s also a chance for CAA to connect with folks who might be shy about attending our events but feel comfortable learning about veganism in a library setting.

And we know all the benefits a vegan lifestyle can have. This club will help the animals and the environment, and potentially people’s health.

Recipes are being chosen with an eye toward supporting folks from communities of color who are experiencing health disparities.

The club is also an opportunity to help the East Lake Library branch and the community by participating in and promoting the use of the library collections.

How does it work?

In the month prior to the Vegan Recipe Club Meeting, head on over to the East Lake Library (2727 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN) and pick up a copy of the recipes to peruse or check out the cookbooks for use at home.

Try making one or more of the recipes then come to share and discuss what you thought about them with the group.

If you have questions about the recipes or the Vegan Recipe Club before the first meeting, message the Compassionate Action for Animals Facebook page or email

Who is it for?

The Vegan Recipe Club is for Vegans, Vegetarians, Flexitarians, those who do Meat-Free Mondays, dieters, and everyone else. It’s for non-cooks, novice, and expert cooks alike.

Maybe you want to attend because you:

  • Are interested in going vegetarian or vegan
  • Have children, family, or friends who’ve gone vegan or vegetarian and you’d like to offer them more than a salad to eat
  • Are willing to share veg cookbook recipes and/or web recipes with a group of like-minded people
  • Are open to sharing vegan recipes you’ve tried and review cookbooks
  • Have questions about a recipe you’ve seen and would like to try out
  • Are willing to share tips and discoveries with others
  • Have another reason!

When is it?

The Vegan Recipe Club meets on the third Tuesday of every month from 6:30pm – 7:30pm. The sessions planned for 2019 are:

  • July 16
  • August 20
  • September 17
  • October 15
  • November 19

Where is it?

East Lake Library
2727 East Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55406

About the Facilitator

My name is Henry Patterson. Like many, I didn’t grow up as a vegan or vegetarian but did grow up with a love and respect for animals. I am a board member and volunteer at Compassionate Action for Animals.

What drew me to veganism?

My younger brother became a vegetarian first, and after he read Diet for a Small Planet 1971, by Frances Moore Lappé he challenged me to make the switch. It took a little convincing, but I did. I started as a pescetarian (some seafood, but primarily a vegetarian diet). The benefits were improved health, including reducing the risk of colon cancer that runs in my family.

I switched to a 100% vegan diet seven years ago, in June 2012, and haven’t looked back since.

Why the interest in the Vegan Recipe Club?

Like my entire family, I have always loved to cook and have cooked for friends and coworkers for years. My favorite dishes have changed over time, but soups, stews, curries, French Ratatouille, and tofu scrambles remain amongst the ones I love to make and share.

Recipes for July 2019 discussion

The 4th of July Holiday is coming up and it might be the perfect opportunity to try out your cooking skills on family and friends.

Enjoy the recipes and feel free to share photos of your creations with CAA on Facebook or Instagram @exploreveg.

Marrekesh-Blend Squash Soup from “The Vegucation of Robin”

“The Vegucation of Robin”

Find it at the library (Quivers, Robin, and Rachel Holtzman. The Vegucation of Robin, 2013) or on Amazon.

Ratatouille from “The Vegucation of Robin”

“Wholefood Heaven in a Bowl”

Find it at the library (Bailey, David, and Charlotte Bailey. Wholefood Heaven in a Bowl, 2017) or on Amazon.

Thanks to:

  • Anna Zillinger and Ayanna Muata, Hennepin County Library staff at East Lake Library branch, for all their work in planning and supporting the program.
  • The Vegan Recipe Club is based on the Vegan Cookbook Club which was started in December 2016, at the Mount Royal Branch of the Duluth Public Library (DPL). The Duluth project was initiated by Bonnie Ambrosi and Alicia Peterson and continues thanks to Bonnie’s leadership. Thanks to Bonnie for reaching out to CAA about the idea of starting something similar.
  • Compassionate Action for Animals (CAA) for promoting outreach and education programs that support and build an animal-friendly community in the Twin Cities.

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