Photos from the 17th Annual Vegan ThanksLiving Potluck

Thanks to all who attended our 17th Annual Vegan Thanksgiving at Coffman Memorial Union!

Each year, our annual Vegan ThanksLiving Potluck gives us a chance to come together as a community and celebrate plant-based, holiday food. For some of us, this is our one opportunity during the holidays for an entirely plant-based celebration and for others, this is one of many. We are grateful for this yearly opportunity to celebrate with our plant-based family––YOU!

Thank you to The Herbivorous Butcher for donating their delicious vegan stuffed turkeys and Innate Foods for donating their savory scones for the event! We’d also like to thank the University of Minnesota and all of our donors for their support with this event.

It took over 20 volunteers to make the event run smoothly––many thanks to those who helped out! Special thanks to Rae Hermeier and Haley Hastings, who planned the potluck with staff.

ThanksLiving 2019

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