Volunteer Shout-Out: Meet Brita and Sarah, Vegan Comfort Food Challenge Committee Members

Have you tried some of the awesome dishes competing for your highest rating in the Twin Cities Vegan Comfort Food Challenge? Thanks to all the local restaurants that are participating. Also, thanks are due in part to volunteers like Brita Bengtson and Sarah Matanah who contribute their time and talents. They’re part of the Vegan Comfort Food Challenge Committee, a group of volunteers who are skillfully coordinating this monthlong dining challenge.

What inspired you to get involved with Compassionate Action for Animals?

Brita and furry friend

Brita: In 2011, I had been a veganish vegetarian for more than a decade, but decided to get involved with advocating for animals because I could see that the world was getting ready to change. I jumped right in to the committee for the very first Twin Cities Veg Fest.

Sarah: Although I had been to a few events, I really got involved in CAA once I became vegan and realized that I needed new people to eat with!

What are you enjoying most about this month’s Vegan Comfort Food Challenge?

Brita: Trying all the new dishes!

Sarah: Trying new restaurants! I’m excited that there are places whose food I’ve never tasted competing this year!

How have you been helping out with the Challenge? And what do love most about volunteering?

Brita: I’m working on getting press coverage for the event. I feel like I’m making a difference while eating delicious food. 

Sarah: I’ve been doing the social media for the challenge. I love meeting everybody. People who are informed enough and brave enough to ignore social norms and follow their consciences are people I want to hang out with. 

Why is eating vegan important to you?

Brita: FTA – For The Animals. Everything else (personal health, the planet, preventing the next pandemic, etc.) is just vegan icing.

Sarah: Eating vegan is important to me because it is part of reducing the suffering in the world. No animal should spend it’s life in misery and confinement to satisfy someone’s momentary desire for a certain taste. 

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