Volunteer Shout-Out: Meet Stefanie Flasch

If you’re familiar with CAA’s Instagram, then you’ve probably seen something shared by Stefanie Flasch, social media volunteer for CAA. We’re thankful for Stefanie’s social media savvy and great eye for catchy graphics and attention-getting photos. Read on to learn more about Stefanie and what she loves about doing work that helps make a difference for animals.

How did you discover CAA?

I went vegan in January 2012 and I was looking for a vegan community to learn from and be a part of.  I found that in CAA and loved attending CAA events, especially Veg Fest and the annual banquets!

What do you love most about volunteering with CAA?

Engaging with other vegans and hopefully helping to make a difference in the lives of animals.

What other kinds of things do you like to do?

I love spending time with friends and my rescue dog!  I also love hiking and spending time outdoors. And trying out new vegan recipes (I especially love baking).

What inspires you to eat plant-based?

I am vegan for the animals (the health benefits of a plant based diet are just an amazing side effect!). I really believe that if more people knew how the animal agriculture industry treats animals, we would have a lot more vegans in this world! I love CAA because it is a voice for the animals.  

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