Volunteer Shout-Out: Meet Joscelyn Sturm

Joscelyn Sturm is a volunteer for CAA’s University of Minnesota chapter, helping out with social media for this active group. Read on to find out what inspired Joscelyn to get involved with CAA, and what motivates her to take action for animals.

Joscelyn and Harley

How did you discover Compassionate Action for Animals and what made you decide to get involved?

I discovered Compassionate Action for Animals at a club fair held on the University of Minnesota campus. I had gone vegetarian at nine and became vegan in my later teens, and I had always dreamed of finding a community that held my same values. Especially having come from south Texas, where there was very little vegan presence, I was ecstatic to find that there was an already-established group on campus that was looking for new members.

What do you love most about volunteering? 

I love seeing my hard work pay off. Having been an animal advocate for so long, I am incredibly excited to be able to finally put in work that I see impacts people and animals directly in my community. Having a space to actively work towards a goal is amazing and I feel very proud of the work I’ve done so far and will continue to do.

When you are not helping out with CAA stuff, what do you like to do? 

 I love to read, cook ( vegan food of course! ), listen to podcasts, and watch horror movies.

What inspires you to eat plant-based and take action for animals?

I value animal life just as much as human life. I wouldn’t want any of my friends or family to suffer, and animals don’t want their friends and family to suffer. It’s as simple as that. 

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