Read the comments: 2021 Twin Cities Veg Fest

We surveyed people who attended the 2021 Twin Cities Veg Fest in September. We asked for feedback from everyone including members of the public, volunteers and exhibitors. Read on to find out what they had to say about this year’s big event.

A scene from 2021 Twin Cities Veg Fest at Harriet Island Park in St. Paul

“I love that it was offered virtually! Thank you so much for providing that option….especially being a first time attendee.”

“The volunteers were fantastic. You were well organized and people were happy to be there — both vendors and customers.”

“There was much more exposure than other events I’ve been a part of. The attendance was amazing as well.”- An exhibitor

“Being a zero waste volunteer I knew I was contributing to the success of the event. What I did was really appreciated by many people who were so glad we were doing what we could do to reduce waste.”

“I got to connect with people to hear how they feel about the plight of farmed animals and share information that they may not have been aware of.” – Volunteer

“The orientation was well done and eliminated lots of stress since it was clear that everything was well organized. Talking with all the participants at the festival was the best!!” – Volunteer

“I loved seeing the diversity of people at the festival.”

“People were so incredibly kind. The vibe was great, and I made money too!”- An exhibitor

“I came as an attendee last year. As I was starting my business one of the things on my dream list was being an exhibitor at the festival, and it was wonderful to be here! Your volunteers were amazing.” – An exhibitor

“It was a smooth, well-organized affair”

“Loved Robin Asbell’s “casear” dressing. I’ve made it 3 nights in a row now with dinner! – Cooking Demo attendee

“I’m a huge fan of Trap King so I was excited to see him and I heard Carnage the Executioner for the first time.”

“I didn’t sit in but could hear the music throughout the festival and it made the experience that much more amazing.”

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