Meet our new Communications Coordinator–Theresa Zingery

Volunteer joins staff

Theresa (she/her) has been a long time volunteer and now joins us as staff! She is the new Communications Coordinator.

As a board member she worked on strategic planning, fundraising and communications.  She also loved greeting at in-person events (when those were possible!). Most recently, she helped organize the Annual Banquet and coordinated the auction.

She recently retired from her role as Community Education Manager for Anoka-Hennepin schools. Rather than a life of leisure, she wanted to focus on her favorite part of past jobs – communications. Working with us allows her to do that. All while still working to make an impact on behalf of farmed animals.

Theresa has over 25 years of experience in nonprofit management with a focus on marketing and communications. She is thrilled to have the opportunity now to utilize her skills to support a cause which is her passion and to join an outstanding staff committed to making an impact on behalf of farmed animals.

Below are her answers to the questions we posed:

What motivated you to get involved with animal advocacy?

As I became more aware of the horrible situation confronting farmed animals I saw that the majority of people in the world were totally unaware of what was happening and the harm that their eating habits were causing for the animals as well as for the environment and their health. I felt the need to be the voice for the voiceless and see if I could make an impact. 

What about CAA appeals to you?

There are so many things I like about CAA it is hard to narrow it down! One major aspect is that CAA meets people where they are at – it is a loving and accepting community that helps people learn about the issues and how to take action on them while receiving support for whatever they do on their path. In addition, I am extremely impressed by the intersectional focus of CAA where the rights of farmed animals are not seen in isolation but in the context of human rights and the environment and how it all interrelates. The hiring of a Community Outreach coordinator has been a terrific step and I am glad that there is much work being done to continue and expand on these efforts.

What are your hopes for CAA and for the animal protection movement?

For CAA it is my hope that it will continue to expand its community outreach efforts and that our innovative work and our message will get out to new, expanded audiences to move more hearts and lead to more change. 

My hope for the animal protection movement is that they can follow similar pathways to CAA for increased impact upon our society and the world and lead to less suffering for the animals – human and non.

Speaking of compassionate living, what are your favorite vegan foods?

Wow, so hard to decide! My diet is mostly whole grain rice with beans or lentils (my fav!) and kale salads with tons of toppings. But I must admit to loving vegan fast food too. Just tonight I had a Beyond Burger with Giardiniera and tons of vegan mayo. I have to accept that I am addicted to vegan mayo. Sadly for my waistline!

How do you spend your time when you’re not advocating for animals and our community?

After many years of working full time and doing lots of volunteer work for CAA and Unitarian Universalists Animal Ministries and First Unitarian Society I am now now retiring  and I find I am having to learn how to just relax beyond my regular yoga practice. I am trying to read more, take walks, do Wordle and Jigsaw puzzles and just pet kitties and watch birds.

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