St. Paul Mayor issues Plant-Based Proclamation for Earth day

Mayor Carter declares April 22 Plant-Based Wellness Day

On Earth Day, April 22, Mayor Melvin Carter issued St. Paul’s First Plant-Based Proclamation.  In it he encourages residents to consider increasing consumption of plant-based foods. 

Mayor Carter cites plant-based eating as tied to better environmental and health outcomes. He connects this dietary change to the future well-being of the community. St. Paul’s Climate Action and Resilience plan also encourages increased plant-based eating.

The proclamation was the result of a team effort. CAA Board members Henry Patterson and Julie Knopp partnered with Phillip Prospers, CEO of Living Naturally Abundant. They were inspired by successful efforts in other cities and states. Over the last few months they worked to educate and inspire Mayor Carter and his staff about this issue.

The proclamation raises the visibility of the connection between a plant-based diet and improved health and environmental outcomes.  Tying these vital issues together is key. It provides more reasons for people to consider a more compassionate diet. Informing and inspiring change that benefits both animals and the planet.

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