Twin Cities Veg Living magazine issue 8 is here!

The new issue of Twin Cities Veg Living is chock full of useful information and inspiration! Donors receive it in the mail. It’s available for pickup at The Herbivorous Butcher, Coconut Whisk, and at every event during Veg Month!   Or check it out here:

Read TCVL Issue 8!

Exploring Plant-Based Eating: Vegan Myth Busters by Suzy Sorensen RDN, LD. CDCES

Suzy takes on seven common myths about veganism. She shares the best evidence-based, scientifically sound information to refute them.

Creating Change for Animals and People in the Twin Cities.

Meet 12 people taking the lead on creating a sustainable, equitable, plant-based future.

What is the Twin Cities Vegan Chef Challenge: by Julie Knopp.

Find out more about this CAA program which introduces more creative plant-based options at local restaurants.  

Plant-Based Proclamations by Karla Moreno Polanco

Learn about the growth in plant-based proclamations locally and around the county.  

Get these four Twin Cities Plant-based Festivals on your Calendar by Lillie Gardner

Get details on festivals coming up this summer and fall.

And, of course, we end it with a yummy recipe for you: Asian-Inspired Peanut Noodles by Bella Lam of Coconut Whisk.

It is our hope that in these pages you will find your why and how for taking further steps into Veg Living.

Thank you to all who made this possible!

We want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who made this year’s issue of Twin Cities Veg Living possible. Then CAA Communications Coordinator, Sandy Hitchin, edited and coordinated the project with our Design Director, Emily Nyberg, who also designed the magazine. Big thanks to Thandisizwe Jackson-Nisan for contributing her beautiful photograph for the cover of this issue.

This magazine is no small feat. We are thankful for the following individuals, who contributed articles, editing, and proofreading for this year’s issue: Lillie Gardner, Chris Homsey, Julie Knopp, Bella (Nhi) Lam, Laura Matanah, Karla Moreno Polanco, Suzy Sorensen RD, LD, CDCES, Theresa Zingery and other members of the Compassionate Action for Animals Board of Directors.

Finally, we thank A Well-Fed WorldBailing Out Benji, Farmaste Animal Sanctuary, and The Herbivorous Butcher for their support in making this issue possible!

We look forward to sharing the magazine throughout the year at our events and local veg hot spots. We hope you’ll share it with friends to let them know about the suffering farmed animals experience and show them how they can make a difference with their everyday choices.

If you want to support the creation and distribution of Twin Cities Veg Living and other CAA outreach tools, please make a donation to CAA today.

Find other issues of Twin Cities Veg Living here. Download the pdf of the current issue here. View the flipbook here.

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