Meet Farmaste Animal Sanctuary Resident Blue!

On our recent tour of Farmaste Animal Sanctuary we met so many wonderful animals! It is hard to single any of them out but there was one that melted many a heart: Blue. She is a sweet, beautiful, five year old Katahdin sheep.

She has been living at Farmaste for over five years. She was rescued at two months old in June of 2017. Blue was Farmaste’s first rescue! She arrived with a deformed front leg that needed to be amputated. They were told they would only have 2-3 years with her—thankfully that has proven untrue!

Prior to Farmaste, Blue was being kept by a farmer for breeding even though she only had use of three legs. A young woman and her mom talked the farmer into letting her go to rescue. We are all very thankful they did!

Blue loves people and is accepting of all. She impresses everyone due to her incredible strength. She particularly loves playing and getting scratches.

In addition to people Blue loves the entire sheep herd. She will call for them if they go outside and she can’t see them.

Blue seemed to love our visit during the recent Farmaste tour!

Blue went through a number of surgeries in her first few years of life. She had her leg amputated, large abscess removed and an eye removed due to injury. Farmaste shared: “She is one of the strongest beings we know. She has remained very loving through all these adversities. We can all learn something from her.”


On August 14 ten CAA friends were given a personalized tour of Farmaste Animal Sanctuary. We got to meet Blue and their 21 other residents and see first hand their special personalities! Their residents include goats, cows, sheep and pigs. Our guide Shannon told us their personal stories. We were also among the first to get to see their new location in Lindstrom, MN. See more pictures of the tour here.

We appreciate Farmaste for setting up this tour and all the other great support and partnership. Including their support of our Explore Veg 21 Day Veg Challenge program and Silver level sponsorship of Twin Cities Veg Fest this year!

Farmaste rescues abused, neglected and unwanted farm animals and brings them to their 30-acre farm. There they are allowed to roam in the pastures, and live out their days free from cruelty. Farmaste is the only Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries verified sanctuary in Minnesota. They are a federally registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization fully funded through donations.

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