Meet Hoggle—newest resident at Herbivorous Acres!

A guest blog from Marie DuCharme, Executive Director, Herbivorous Acres

Hoggle is a 5 year old pot-bellied pig that found his forever home at Herbivorous Acres on September 22nd, 2022. His previous caretakers ran into zoning issues with animal control in the cities and had to move him off their property. He was being boarded temporarily at a farm before coming to us, and gained a lot of weight during his stay, unfortunately. He needed a new setting with new friends to improve his overall health and wellbeing before the end of September 2022, and we are very glad that he was able to join our rescue family in time.

He has settled in successfully and has really flourished since arriving. He loves exploring, rooting around, and has taken off a few pounds since arriving and now has a little spring in his step! Due to his weight, he does have some trouble seeing so he is on a specialized diet to assist with weight loss.

Zeus, our other pot-bellied pig, lost his best friend Fox the pig back in August of this year and was quite lonely in Fox’s absence. We are so happy that Hoggle and Zeus have developed a beautiful bond. It took some time, but they are now cuddle buddies and are even good at sharing their snacks.

Hoggle is very chatty and his favorite time of the day is breakfast and dinner, as well as snack time. He loves a good belly rub, enjoys every nibble of pumpkins, and really enjoys visiting with the other residents.

A fun fact about Hoggle is that he loves to take his portion of snacks and sneaks away to eat them in peace so that he doesn’t lose track of a single morsel!

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