Food Safety is also important for plant-based meals!

All your life you have probably heard tips to keep your food safe—especially when cooking for others. Maybe you thought that the need for that all went out the window for plant-based meals. Not true! Vegan meals do avoid many of the dangers that can come through preparing meat and dairy products. However, there are still some steps you need to take to ensure it is safe to eat vegan food as well.

We have a lot of special potlucks and other opportunities to share meals. So it becomes especially important to make sure we are up-to-speed on keeping food safe.

When looking around for food safety manuals, we realized there weren’t any specific to plant-based food safety. Now there is!

Volunteer Yosan Worota, along with staff members Emily Nyberg and Stef Amundsen worked on adapting the USDA’s food safety handbook to make it more useful and relevant to you. Now it is ready. Perfect information for potlucks!

For more information and a link to the food safety guide:

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