Meet Monti and Zelda—Chicken Run Rescue residents and best buds

A guest blog from Chicken Run Rescue

Monti (left) and Zelda: Happy together

People are often surprised to learn that chickens have rich emotional lives and enduring relationships and even more amazed that they can still have those needs satisfied despite physical limitations. CRR residents and caregivers live under the same roof and allow for those intimate insights. 

Chickens are flock animals and psychologically evolved to live with others for their world to make sense. When a bond develops between birds with physical challenges, there is no thrill and satisfaction like seeing them nurture each other.

The common denominator for special needs residents is that they somehow survived something really awful before they were rescued. Zelda and Monti are no exceptions. Zelda was a hatchling in the winter of 2016 and kept in an unheated backyard shelter. She lost both legs to frost bite. She Zelda was born an old soul. She growls when she’s bothered. She barks when she wants something.

Monti is the kind of girl who finds a corn chip in her hair and eats it, sees obstacles as dares, sees what she wants and makes it happen, loves her big sister with all her heart, and knows she can do anything. Monti’s legs were grossly deformed at birth in 2020 but she was shipped from the hatchery anyway. She spent the first 7 months of her life on a filthy wire bottom cage in a windowless shed, alone- except for when she was picked on by others, until she arrived at CRR.

Some chickens, especially hens, are the best nurses in the world at heart. They will sit close to a vulnerable bird, preening them or encouraging them to eat, and challenge any bullies who try to start something. They take turns taking each other under their wings.

They and other CRR residents with special bonds will be featured in the 2023 CRR Calendar themed “Happy Together”.

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