Future steps on your veg pathway

April 18, 2023

Those of you on a pathway to a more compassionate diet already know that it is a journey of a lifetime.  Sometimes challenging but always rewarding. For you, for the planet and most importantly, for the animals.

The support doesn’t stop with the end of VegWeek. Compassionate Action for Animals is in it for the long haul. We will continue to offer a variety of events, tips and resources throughout the year. 

Most importantly, we are a community of like-minded individuals. All ready to enthusiastically support you in any way we can. After all, everyone of us has seen how important support is.

Cari Lombardi and friend

Cari Lombardi shared this thought: “Feel proud of yourself for doing something that is helping animals, the planet, your health, and give yourself grace as you make changes and learn more. It can sometimes feel uncomfortable to be different from the crowd, but eventually those feelings are replaced with the peace of mind that comes from having mind, heart and actions aligned. You can lend your knowledge and support to others so they too can learn how to lead a more compassionate lifestyle.”

Following are some other tips and words of inspiration from our community. Whether you are a new vegan or have long been plant-based, may they help along your veg pathway.

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Check out these Community Quotes

  • “Give yourself some grace at the start. You’re going to make some mistakes. Focus on all the good you are doing for  animals, earth and health.” Trent Nelson
  • “Don’t be too perfectionistic about your restrictions. don’t freak out if you, like, don’t eat perfectly nutritionally balanced (most people don’t, and most people are fine!). Don’t add a whole bunch of restrictions that make veganism difficult. Veganism should be, and can be, easy. Find vegan food that is pleasurable and comfortable for you.” Abbey Feola
  • “You can do this–and actually enjoy the process too! Go at your own pace. Some people ‘wade in’–others ‘dive in’. There is no right or wrong way–just your way. I started eating vegetarian 30 years ago, and started transitioning towards veganism over the course of several years until I finally made the switch. Learn to cook some quick, tasty vegan meals that are your ‘go to’s’ to sustain you through the transition, and buy some ‘pre-made’ vegan items at grocery stores to ‘grab and go’ when you’re in a rush, to snack on, etc. Frustration may set in if you find yourself unprepared so pack some food to bring with you.” Cari Lombardi
  • “Come up with several affordable recipes you like that you can eat often. Also, find some good meals for holidays and entertaining. Go to cooking classes if you can find them. Try a new recipe once a week. Go to meetups.” Jill Schonteich
  • “Just start somewhere… it takes a while to get your process worked out – what to have on hand, what’s quick to eat, to develop new tastes for things you haven’t maybe eaten before, to figure out how to eat out. All of it is totally doable. Start somewhere.” Stephanie Paquin
  • “Join a group like CAA to meet people who are like-minded/like-hearted, supportive, and helpful, and offer social events, cooking classes, sanctuary tours, and volunteer opportunities.” Cari Lombardi

Thanks to these members of the community who shared their tips.

Much of this information was also shared in email form during April 2023 Veg Week.

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