Get to know Hilary, Social Media volunteer for the 2023 Twin Cities Veg Fest

April 21, 2023

Hilary Bullock has been following CAA for a few years. She recognized her need for community and in-person engagement with like-minded people. In early 2023, she decided to get involved.

Her first foray into volunteer work was writing. She’s written two Volunteer Profiles for CAA’s newsletter and blog. And yes, she is writing her third one about herself, as requested.

CAA  mentioned the need for 2023 Twin Cities Veg Fest volunteers. Hilary agreed to join the effort and is on the small but mighty TCVF Social Media Committee. Fellow members include Theresa Zingery, Julie Knopp, and Joscelyn Sturm. It is exciting to leverage CAA’s social media platforms and spread the word about TCVF 2023 far and wide. Hilary is focusing on Facebook and Linked In.

After five years as a vegan, Hilary is ready to nurture connections with fellow vegans in the Twin Cities. She enjoys the people she has met so far and looks forward to forging deeper relationships as time goes on. She also appreciates how CAA’s approach fosters hopefulness and confidence.

Hilary’s favorite local restaurants include Tongue & Cheek and ROK Eatery. Tongue & Cheek has a dish called Vegasm that changes weekly. And ROK Eatery added a vegan main dish to their dinner menu. Finally, as passionate home cooks, she and her husband, Eric, are exploring the world of beans. They are cooking their way through the Cool Beans cookbook by Joe Yonan, using the extensive heirloom bean selection sold by Rancho Gordo.

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