A taste of VegWeek 2023: Twelve events and VegPledge attract hundreds 

CAA celebrated VegWeek 2023 (April 14-24) with a variety of events and opportunities. The cornerstone was the Veg Pledge which supported 184 people in trying a veg lifestyle or reaching out to invite friends to try one. In addition, we hosted 12 events at locations in the Twin Cities as well as planned events in Duluth and St. Cloud. Virtual offerings were available to people throughout the state. 

There were a variety of events to meet every interest. We had a food giveaway, dine outs, potlucks, cooking classes, speakers and a film. We started and ended on particularly high notes. The food giveaway at the University of Minnesota attracted over 588 passers-by.  They got tasty vegan food and conversations on the need for plant-based eating. We ended with a speaker from Israel. Rabbi Gersh addressed a crowd of around 40 people on the support for veganism in Judaism.

Those who participated in the VegPledge got a discount at six plant-based restaurants in the Twin Cities.  To take part, people pledged to go vegetarian or vegan for a week. Or, if they were already vegan, they could refer two people and snag the discount card.  Participating restaurants:

Those who signed up or referred folks also got a series of supportive emails during VegWeek. They were filled with tips and inspiration to assist them in their veg journey. Check out our blog page to see what we shared.

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