Run—don’t walk—to Cookie Cart for new vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

by Tamuno Imbu, Compassionate Action for Animals Community Organizer

April 24, 2022

Cookie Cart now has vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies. This is your call to go – run…don’t walk to get this tasty treat! Go visit them in North Minneapolis, East St. Paul or online

This is their second venture into vegan cookies. After conducting vegan cooking classes for them in my role as CAA’s Community organizer, Cookie Cart first ventured into making vegan sugar cookies. It was a short term flavor but its success and their continued involvement with CAA led them to offer this new cookie. It has been very well received to date.

What makes these cookies extra sweet is the mission and heart behind every purchase. With a yellow bowl and a wooden spoon, Sister Jean Thuerauf, the founder of Cookie Cart partnered with young people to create a space for building community and eating a sweet treat. They would talk about school, celebrate birthdays and make plans for selling cookies to the neighbors. Keeping love at the center, Cookie Cart has evolved and grown to employ thousands of teens in the past 30 years. 

While working in the bakery, teens learn about food safety and food handler workplace standards. They also learn about working as a team and build relationships with each other, their managers, and the many volunteers that come to network and help out cookie operations. 

Let’s do our part to support this premier youth employer and go eat some Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies! Order 1 dozen, 10 dozen or 200 dozen for home and/or to share at a special event. 

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