From Cooking Demos to Eye-Opening Talks: Unveiling the Excitement to Come at the VegFund Mainstage

September 12, 2023

Thanks to our sponsor, VegFund, we have an exciting day lined up for you at the VegFund Mainstage. Get ready for cooking demonstrations featuring talented chefs from two beloved local vegan restaurants: Hi! Flora and Reverie Cafe + Bar. You’ll discover the secrets to adding that extra flair to your home vegan cooking!

But that’s not all; we have some informative talks in store for you. Dr. Joanne Kong will delve into the social damage caused by factory farms, shedding light on the extensive harm they inflict beyond animal cruelty. Factory farm workers face physical injuries, psychological trauma, and harsh conditions that often lead to domestic violence, PTSD, and substance abuse, creating a widespread cycle of cruelty that affects society as a whole. She will explain how embracing veganism is a powerful step towards a kinder world.

Next, Food for Life instructors, Jodi Gruhn, Jill Erickson, and Joel Erickson, will share how the right food choices can help reduce the risk of developing breast cancer as well as prevent a recurrence. Research shows that poor diet contributes to over one-third of cancer deaths in the United States. Certain dietary patterns significantly impact the longevity and well-being of cancer patients. They will provide insights on implementing such a diet for yourself.

Don’t miss the cooking demos by Heather Klein from Hi! Flora and Kirstin Wiegmann and Kirstin Grieve from Reverie Cafe + Bar. Heather will demonstrate how to make her award-winning wild rice burger, while Reverie Cafe + Bar will show you how to make delicious vegan Nachos Supreme with Cheese Sauce and Jackfruit Carnitas. Discover their plant-based creations and be inspired to try new recipes yourself. (And while there, be sure to thank Reverie for sponsoring the festival shuttle!)

Last but not least, we have the Twin Cities Vegan Chef Challenge Award Ceremony! For the entire month of August, 19 talented competitors battled for the title of the best vegan dish. Join us at 3:30 on the VegFund Mainstage for the moment you’ve all been eagerly awaiting—the announcement of the overall challenge winner! We’ll also reveal other award winners, so come see if your favorite dish made the list. Remember, your votes determined the winners, so who are you rooting for?

And even better: our inimitable emcee for the day is the amazing Mistress Ginger! With her it will be sure to be a fun day!

Here’s the schedule:

VegFund Mainstage

10:30 am: Cooking Demo: Hi! Flora
11:30 am: Dr. Joanne Kong, Talk on the Social Damage of Factory Farms
1:30: Food for Life instructors Jodi Gruhn, Jill Erickson, and Joel Erickson will speak about how to prevent breast cancer
2:30: Cooking Demo: Reverie Cafe + Bar
3:30: Twin Cities Vegan Chef Challenge Award Ceremony

For more details about our presenters and additional program information for the Twin Cities Veg Fest, go to Mark your calendars and start planning to catch your favorite events!

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