Get to know Timmy:  First rooster resident at Spring Farm Sanctuary!

A guest blog from Spring Farm Sanctuary

November 9, 2023

Meet Timmy, a young white leghorn rooster whose exact age remains a mystery. Timmy’s journey to Spring Farm Sanctuary began when he was discovered wandering in a Bloomington, MN neighborhood this past May. Concerned neighbors came to the rescue, and Timmy found his way to our sanctuary. His arrival marked a significant first for us, as he became our first-ever rooster resident.

Over time, we carefully introduced Timmy to Hank, our turkey, and an extraordinary friendship blossomed between them. Timmy’s intelligence shines through as he responds to his name and eagerly comes when called. He’s not only clever but also incredibly agile and vocal. His protective nature extends to his dear friend Hank, and they share a special bond.

Timmy and Hank: Best Buds

Timmy thrives on outdoor exploration, often seen leaping gracefully onto fence posts. His palate delights in the flavors of blueberries, lettuce, and tomatoes. Timmy has become a beloved member of our sanctuary family, adding his unique charm to our compassionate community.

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