Wholesome Minnesota is on a roll! Presentations to Green Club youth and FACs classes plant seeds of change

November 10, 2023

A WM FACS class lesson on the healthfulness and tastiness of Tofu Mouse!

In October, Wholesome returned to meet with the Hopkins Green Club again. The teacher at Hopkins has been incredibly supportive, making it a seamless collaboration. Jodi shared her information on the interconnectedness of climate and our food choices. She introduced the hot topic of the Colorado River. Jodi shared: “if we break it down, we can very clearly see the pattern of destruction and overconsumption from animal agriculture. This subject seems to be resonating.”

Jodi has also been visiting FACS classes to introduce youth to plant-based foods and how healthy and tasty they can be. On November 7, she visited a Bloomington Kennedy class. The students got hands-on, making tofu mousse.  This interactive approach helped them develop an appreciation for plant-based alternatives.  It was an invaluable opportunity for Jodi to build rapport and gather insights. The teacher was so impressed that she is connecting Jodi with other FACS teachers she knows.

Looking ahead, Wholesome MN has some exciting plans for later this month. Jodi will be conducting an all-day FACS class at Armstrong High School. Additionally, she will be collaborating with more student Environmental Clubs at various schools. These include Benilde, Blake, Roseville, and Wayzata high schools. These sessions will include presentations, food demos, and a chance for students to enjoy some tasty vegan treats.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to spread the goodness of plant-based living and make a positive impact on the future!

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