Handwrite Hope for Animals and our petition calling for a cage-free Minnesota are off to roaring starts

February 5, 2024

Over 60 people have signed up to send more than 5,000 postcards from their home as part of our Handwrite Hope for Animals campaign. And 13 people showed up at Trio Plant-Based for our postcard writing party to write another 1,250!!  Another 500 were written at the Chili Cook-Off.

In this year’s Handwrite Hope For Animals campaign, postcards encourage people to try vegan food and to support pro-animal legislation. Each postcard includes a coupon to a local vegan restaurant, Trio Plant-Based, and the opportunity to sign a petition banning intensive animal confinement in Minnesota. 

The petition that it links to calls for these ideas:

  • Mother pigs should not be put in crates/cages that prevent them from getting up while feeding their children.
  • Chickens should not be forced to live in small battery cages where they are stuffed in with other chickens and cannot spread their wings.
  • Baby calves should not be forced to live in tiny veal crates that they can only exit via a short rope staked to the ground.

Changes in these practices would end a great deal of suffering for the over 90 million animals raised for food in Minnesota. The animals we raise for food have family relationships and basic needs just like all other animals, including humans! With the help of the postcard campaign, over 1,000 people have signed the petition so far. We urge you to join them and sign this petition today, if you haven’t already. For more information, check out our blog that details the issue.

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