New Beginnings: Marmaduke and Tinker at Spring Farm Sanctuary

July 8, 2024

Spring Farm Sanctuary is delighted to welcome two of their newest residents, Marmaduke and Tinker. Despite the recent trauma from losing their previous caring home, these two charming pigs have landed in a new safe and nurturing place. 

Their Journey to Spring Farm Sanctuary

Marmaduke and Tinker spent the first six years of their lives in a loving home in Wisconsin, where they were treated as cherished members of the family. Raised since they were just eight weeks old, they enjoyed a life full of affection and care. However, a tragic accident changed everything. This past March, their “dad” suffered a freak accident, resulting in paralysis that left him unable to care for them. Friends of the family reached out to Spring Farm Sanctuary to see if they would take them in. They knew this would ensure that the pigs would be well cared for. Spring Farm was glad to take them in.

Meet Marmaduke:  The Mud Enthusiast

Marmaduke, affectionately known as Marms, is a large pot-bellied pig with a big personality. One of his favorite activities is wallowing in his mud hole, a pastime he finds both refreshing and entertaining. Marms also enjoys long massages and grazing in the pasture, where he can explore and savor the fresh air. 

To ensure he stays healthy, the Spring Farm team has been gradually adjusting his diet, helping him shed a few pounds while still enjoying his favorite treats. Marmaduke has a particular fondness for fresh lettuce, cucumbers, green beans, and carrots. He also delights in scavenger hunts, especially when popcorn is involved.

Introducing Tinker: A Shy and Sweet Pig

Tinker, a Juliana pig, is a bit more reserved compared to Marmaduke. She may be shy, but her gentle nature makes her a sweetheart. Tinker loves to graze, taking long naps in the sun, and indulging in mud baths. After a refreshing mud bath, she enjoys basking in the sunlight, soaking up its warmth. Like Marmaduke, Tinker has a taste for fresh vegetables, including lettuce, cucumbers, green beans, and carrots. Scavenger hunts with popcorn are a shared favorite pastime.

Life at Spring Farm Sanctuary

Marms after enjoying a great massage!

Since arriving at Spring Farm Sanctuary, Marmaduke and Tinker have adapted well to their new environment. They spend their days exploring the pasture, lounging in the sun, and enjoying the company of their fellow rescued animals. Spring Farm is dedicated to providing them with the care and attention they need to thrive.

Take action on behalf of Marmaduke, Tinker, and other sanctuary animals

By supporting Spring Farm Sanctuary through donating or volunteering, you can help them continue to provide a safe and loving home for animals like Marmaduke and Tinker. Your support ensures that these wonderful beings receive the care, love, and attention they deserve.

The work of Spring Farm Animal Sanctuary

Spring Farm Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and one of the first farm animal sanctuaries in Minnesota. The sanctuary is dedicated to ending farm animal cruelty and promoting vegan living through rescue, rehabilitation, and education efforts.

At Spring Farm Sanctuary, rescued farm animals find a true home where they are safe and cared for. The sanctuary aims to educate the local community about the harsh conditions animals endure in factory farming and the negative impacts these have on health and the environment. Through various events and visiting days, the sanctuary encourages the community to connect with the animals. Their goal is to help people understand how sensitive, emotional, and caring these creatures are.

The sanctuary also collaborates with local and state governmental organizations and agencies. Together they advocate for laws and policies that prevent animal suffering and promote fair and compassionate treatment of animals.

Founded in 2016 by Robin Johnson, a lifelong vegetarian and now vegan, Spring Farm Sanctuary reflects Robin’s dedication to animal advocacy and care. Her commitment to animal rights drives the sanctuary’s mission and efforts to make a positive impact in the lives of farm animals.

The Mission of Spring Farm: A caring farm animal rescue organization

This is how Spring Farm describes their mission: “Spring Farm Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating farm animals. We seek to educate the public about the mistreatment of animals, advocate for their protection and inspire change for compassionate living.”

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Our partner farm sanctuaries

There are several wonderful farm sanctuaries in the area including Chicken Run Rescue, Herbivorous Acres, Spring Farm, Farmaste, and Soulspace. All of these sanctuaries do wonderful work for farmed animals. Each month, we feature one sanctuary resident from one of these rescue organizations in our blog and newsletter. 

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