Vegan Eats in Las Vegas, Nevada

My wife and I make it a point to travel as much as possible. The world is so big, we want to experience as much of it as possible. Whenever we travel, there’s always one goal in mind. EAT.

We have tried some of the best vegan food you can find. Sage Organic Cafe in Los Angeles, Spiral Diner in Texas, Chicago Diner in Chicago, and so many others. None of these places disappointed. Every time we start to look for a place to vacation, scoping out the vegan scene and seeing what they offer for vegan cuisine is always one of the first things we do. That brings us to our most recent vacation: our second-year anniversary trip to Las Vegas!

So, Vegas is a city of fun. Lights, music, shows, acts, the works. There always something to do in Vegas and the excitement never ends. We knew all of this going in. One thing we didn’t know, was just how good the vegan food was. We had no idea. So I’m here to give you a quick rundown of where we went, what we ate, and how amazing it was! 

VegeNation has menus perfect for any time of day

First was VegeNation: All Vegan. I had biscuits and gravy and my wife had the crepes as well as the stuffed french toast. Everything was AMAZING! Highly recommend. Checking in on Yelp will get you a free Sangria, enjoy!

Vegan Chicken Nachos at Nacho Daddy

Next, we went to Nacho Daddy on the strip: This is a bit of a Vegas chain, they have a few locations. VERY vegan-friendly, nearly all menu items can be made Vegan. We both had the flaming fajitas. They light the food on fire at the table, so it was entertaining. It also tasted INCREDIBLE.

Breakfast Tacos at Panchos Vegan Tacos

The next day, our first stop was Panchos Vegan Tacos: Alright, we’ve arrived at the star of our trip. 100% all-vegan restaurant. We had steak tacos, chicken tacos, chorizo tacos, a chicken tamal, pozole, arroz con leche, and chiles rellenos. Everything was completely INCREDIBLE. Some of the best tacos I’ve ever had, and that’s coming from the man behind the CAA Volunteer Appreciation Tacos! Checking in on Yelp gets you 10% off your order.

After that, we went to Komol Restaurant. They advertise quite a few vegan options. Unfortunately, service and quality were a bit lacking on our visit and we were very disappointed. That said, 800 reviews in with an average of 4 stars and numerous people raving about the Vegan options, maybe you’ll have more success than we did.

Papaya Salad at D E Thai Kitchen

The next stop was D E Thai Kitchen. GREAT. Vegan-friendly. Very solid Thai Food for a city that was otherwise lacking. I had Pad See Eew and my wife had Papaya Salad. Both were pretty solid. Keep an eye out for the secret menu!

Following this, we went to Lokuras, which is a Latin shop. It’s essentially a Michoacana, you go here to pick up all sorts of snacks from the Latin culture. Don’t remember everything we had, but they were all delicious. Very vegan-friendly.

Assorted donuts at Ronald’s Donuts

Also stopped by Ronald’s Donuts and got about 100 donuts lol. Very vegan-friendly, very tasty, just AMAZING!

Vegan Lasagna at Simply Pure

Next up, we went to Simply Pure by Chef Stacey Dougan. Here we have our second star of the trip. They have Vegan lasagna. I can’t even begin to describe this lasagna. It was so ridiculously delicious. I want some right now!!!

And then we went back to Panchos Vegan Tacos and pigged out some more. They were THAT good.

All in all, Vegas is definitely incredible for Vegan eats and I hope you agree when you decide to make a trip there!!!


Have you gone on a trip recently? We want to hear about it! Guides like are great to start planning a trip, and so are tips on how to make and keep your trip to somewhere vegan from folks who have visited prior.

Let us know if you’d be willing to share your trip and some of its highlights with us at

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