This Veg Week, Help Others on Their Compassionate Journeys by Sharing Your Tips and Inspirations

March 18, 2024

Vegan food at J. Selby’s—one of the restaurants on the discount card for participants in the Veg Week Pledge.

As we prepare for Veg Week, a time dedicated to promoting plant-based eating and compassionate living, we are pulling together materials to help folks who will be participating in the Veg Week Pledge. We invite those of you already on a compassionate journey to contribute your knowledge and experiences to help those who are just starting out.

Whether you have tips on where to find delicious plant-based options, advice on eating nutritiously without breaking the bank, or recommendations for inspiring books and movies, your input can provide invaluable support. Let’s come together and create a community of shared wisdom and encouragement.

What Is Veg Week?

Veg Week is an annual week-long celebration and series of events, hosted by Compassionate Action for Animals (CAA). This year, it will take place from April 14-20. During Veg Week, we invite community members to take a pledge to move towards a more plant-based lifestyle. There are several options to choose from, including simply inviting two friends to the pledge for those who are already living the veg lifestyle. All participants receive tips and inspiration throughout the week, as well as a discount card for local veg-friendly businesses!

In addition to the pledge, CAA will have several fun and inspiring events for community members to participate in. This year, we’re packing in the excitement with a little something for everyone. We’ll kick the week off with a documentary screening of The Smell of Money and social action night on Sunday, April 14. The week will also feature monthly favorites like our Vegan Recipe Club, Cooking With Tamuno, and the Duluth Vegan Cooking Group. And on Saturday, April 20, we are so excited to present the exclusive web series premiere event for VEGAN PLEASE! There are so many fun ways to get involved during Veg Week! 

How You Can Help Share Inspiration

We’d love to hear your thoughts and tips that we can share with the community. Share as much or as little as you feel comfortable in our quick and easy form. You have until the end of the month to add your thoughts. You can also choose to be anonymous. A few minutes of your time may make a big difference to someone else. Here are some of the areas in which we are seeking your input to share with those participating in the Veg Week Pledge:

Discovering Plant-Based Options

Do you know of restaurants with great vegan choices? What about grocery stores that offer plant-based products? Help newcomers find suitable places to eat and shop by sharing your favorites. Together, we can make it easier for others to embrace a plant-based lifestyle. Here’s some we heard about from our community last year – what would you add this year to update it?

Eating Well on a Budget

You can share advice on how to eat healthily without spending too much. Help newcomers incorporate nutritious plant-based foods into their meals without breaking the bank. How about a favorite recipe or cookbook? By providing tips on meal planning and budget-friendly shopping, you can support others on their compassionate journey.  Here is what we shared in the past about keeping food costs down and here is our article on nutrition.  Do you have any new tips to add this year?

Inspiring Reads and Films

Recommend books and movies that educate and inspire. You can help newcomers find motivation by sharing resources that have impacted you personally. Whether it’s a thought-provoking documentary or an eye-opening book, your recommendations can help shape someone’s perspective and strengthen their commitment. Here’s some we heard about from our community last year – what would you like to add this year to update it?

Finding Motivation and Purpose

Share your own journey and what motivated you to embrace a plant-based lifestyle. Personal stories can inspire others and help them stay committed. Whether it’s for animal welfare, the environment, personal health, or a combination, your experiences can encourage others on their compassionate journey. Here is what we got last year – what can you add?

Navigating Conversations With Loved Ones

Offer your strategies for discussing your choices with friends and family. Provide advice on addressing pushback and educating others with understanding. Your insights can empower others to communicate effectively and foster understanding in their social circles. Last year these were the thoughts we shared from past participants – add your thoughts this year.

Sustaining the Compassionate Journey

Help participants prepare for a long-term commitment beyond Veg Week. Share tips on staying motivated and committed to a compassionate lifestyle. Discuss practices and routines that have helped you maintain your journey. Your guidance can empower others to embrace lasting change with confidence. Here is what we shared last year. How do you stay motivated for the long term? Share your thoughts with us!

Inspire Others During Veg Week!

During Veg Week, your tips and recommendations can support others on their journey towards more compassionate living. Whether you have insights in one area or a wealth of wisdom across multiple aspects, your contribution will benefit someone at a different stage of exploration. Share your thoughts and help create a community that fosters connection and support. Together, we can inspire others to embrace a compassionate lifestyle. We can’t wait to see your new contributions!

Join CAA for Veg Week and share your tips to inspire others on their plant-based journey! Learn, contribute, and create a community of compassion together

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